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Our Story 


Helen Okpokowuruk, President of Comfort Foods 


Mrs. Rose Etuk


Mrs. Josephine Okpok

Comfort Foods is a manufacturing company with the mission and commitment of bringing African foods and flavors to people of all ethnic backgrounds.


It is based in the United States. Royal Red Stew is one in a family of incredibly delicious, ready-to-eat African sauces by Comfort Foods. 

Royal Red Stew has been a great delight and has revolutionized meal preparation in many, many homes.


With Royal Red Stew, time-consuming dishes are prepared in minutes. Our customers love the fact that Royal Red Stew is also very nutritious and healthy. It is made with all-natural ingredients with no MSG, no added sugars, no preservatives and is vegan and gluten-free.

Helen Okpokowuruk, President of Comfort Foods, had a dream to bring to the world community  authentic mouth-watering cuisines from Africa.


Helen says she is blessed to have in her heritage a pair of women who were extraordinarily good cooks: Her mother, Mrs. Rose Etuk, and her mother-in-law, Mrs. Josephine Okpok, both of blessed memory. Both women owned restaurants and had delicious recipes they had developed and perfected over the years. 

Although passionate about this dream, it took the constant urging and encouragement of her husband, Paul Okpokowuruk, to get her to take the big step of starting a business.


Paul believed that with Helen’s technical expertise and delicious recipes, she would be successful in sharing it with the world.


Helen has a degree in Food Engineering from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) and has worked in food product development for Procter & Gamble Company and Frito-Lay, Inc.


Helen received further encouragement to start Comfort Foods after hearing her Pastor, Dr. Noah Manyika, preach a series of messages titled “God bless the work of my hands.”


Comfort Foods aspires to be the largest manufacturer of ready-to-eat, nutritious and wholesome foods and snacks from Africa.


We will continue to meet and surpass customer expectations in quality, convenience and customer service.

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